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Product range

The product range of DERKOM+KLEIN consists of grinding wheels, grinding rings and segments. We offer

  • Special resin bonds
  • Magnesite bonds
  • Two-zone grinding wheels
  • Diamant dressing tools

Using DERKOM+KLEIN products you gain a competitive edge through high abrasive performance at low grinding costs. The sensitivity of our abrasives against material or hardness deviations is extremly low to ensure a smooth production process.

For inquiries, please specify:
+ Dimensions
+ Abrasives used to date
+ Machinery used
+ Materials to process
+ Lot size

Please use our contact form to alllow a fast quotation.

Our product portfolio consits of grinding wheels, grinding rings and grinding segments in different bondings

Special resin bondings
Resin bonded grinding wheels for pre-grinding and fine grinding with diameters ranging from 80 mm up to 750 mm.

Resin bonded grinding wheel

Magnesite Bonding
Magnesite bonded pre-grinding and fine grinding wheels with diameters from 40 mm up to 2000 mm.

Magnesite bonded grinding wheels

For pre-grinding and finishing in one operation with diameters ranging from 175 mm to 710 mm.


DERKOM+KLEIN product codes
The DERKOM+KLEIN product number specifies clearly all technical features of your grinding wheel.

Open specsheet (PDF)

Safety recommendations for grinding tools
Even with modern machinery, grinding remains a source of danger. Read how you can ensure highest possible safety standards at work and hand over this information to the employees involved in grinding tasks.

Open leaflet (PDF)