Tai­lor-made prod­ucts for your grind­ing applications

At DERKOM+KLEIN we devel­op and man­u­fac­ture each grind­ing wheel accord­ing to our customers´individual require­ments. Even if you can´t find the suit­able DERKOM+KLEIN prod­uct for your spe­cif­ic grind­ing tasks in this web­site, please con­sult us for advice.

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In co-oper­a­tion with you we ana­lyze and test which com­bi­na­tion of bind­ing and abra­sive mate­ri­als best suits your grind­ing needs.
Dif­fer­ent porosi­ties to meet your requirements
Depend­ing on work­piece mate­r­i­al and desired sur­face fin­ish we devel­op a sam­ple solution/prototype to allow tests in your real pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ment. We opti­mize our prod­uct in co-oper­a­tion with you, until all para­me­ters are met for your spe­cif­ic application.
Adapt­ing to your spe­cif­ic formats
Through our exten­sive range of machin­ery, our broad and long-term expe­ri­ence and care­ful doc­u­men­ta­tion of all para­me­ters we sup­ply the prod­uct joint­ly devel­oped in con­sis­tent­ly high quality.
Vari­able for­mats up to 2 m in diameter