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Selected materials, careful production and reliable logistics

To ensure smooth and seamless production processes, a lot of prerequisites have to be met. Your abrasive tools must be compiled from the most suitable bonding and abrasive components. Well-coordinated and quality assured production of your grinding tools must ensure that you reach your work results reliably and consistently in high quality.

Last but not least reliable logistics ensure that your tools are at hand when you need them.

DERKOM + KLEIN meets these needs with experience, know-how and personal service.

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By selecting and testing the most suitable composition of bonding materials and high-grade and sintered corundum or silicon carbide, each grinding wheel is produced to meet your specific requirements. In the various manufacturing steps material controls guarantee consistent output quality.

Selected corundum qualties

Experience and strict quality management guarantee optimised workflow and reproducible end products.

Computerized proportioning with weighing system

We stock a large amount of raw materials, so that orders can be scheduled and produced in short terms. This has proven effective to meet our deadlines and thus makes us a reliable partner for our customers.

Shipment and delivery according to your requirements